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We provide the best tenant placement services for lease clients and full-service property management clients. Our strong comprehensive tenant screening process is what sets us apart from your average cookie-cutter property management company.


Why tenant placement services?

Making a profit through your rental property is not an easy task, especially if you are not aware of Tenant Rights, Local Housing Ordinances, Federal Fair Housing Laws, and Protected Classes. A lack of knowledge can result in a mistake that will cost you more than you anticipate. So why compromise your valuable property on the basis of guesswork?

By opting for Georgia Landlord Tenant placement services, you will be assigned a professional property manager who will share knowledge about the rental market and filter all the available options to give you the cream of the corps in the form of tenants.

Why Taylor Made Property Management for tenant placement services?

TMPM has a strong tenant screening approach. We qualify tenants only for what can be verified. With our thorough approach and gathering of information, we are able to decide whether a tenant will be a good candidate for your property or not.

Here is how we set the benchmark for Georgia landlord tenant placement service in Atlanta:

  • Quality, not quantity

When it comes to tenant placement, we focus on quality, not on quantity. We always conduct a detailed tenant screening in Atlanta of all the applications we receive in order to offer you some of the best tenants who will stay in your property for a long period of time and without causing any trouble.

  • Best property managers

Our seasoned and experienced property managers will first analyze your needs and then build an ideal tenant placement process in order to either match your needs or surpass them. We use the best process for tenant screening in Atlanta and that’s what makes us different from other market players.

  • A long term service

We will find the perfect tenant for you and eliminate the hassle of dealing with them because our services don’t end with finding the best tenant but they start off from that point. Our licensed agents will assist you with all the documents related to the lease, rental licensing, and inspection as well.

Our tenant placement process

  • Take a walkthrough video and high-quality pictures of your property
  • List your property on more than 30 different websites
  • Help tenants explore the property
  • Detailed tenant screening that includes income verification, background check, rental history, criminal background, and much more
  • Go through a move-in inspection
  • Suggest maintenance and repair if required
  • Provide all the necessary information to the tenant regarding the property and the agreement
  • Help the landlord in preparing a lease document

Never let your property stay vacant because of a lack of good tenants. Just opt for our tenant placement services and make the property a profitable part of your life.

Why Do You Need Tenant Screening?

TMPM has a strong tenant screening approach. We qualify tenants on only what can be verified. With our thorough approach and gathering of information, we are able to decide whether a tenant will be a good candidate for your property. We are confident that we offer the best tenant placement services in Georgia!

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